It has now become clear that good dental hygiene is as important for animals as it is for humans.
Unfortunately many animals will develop dental disease which in turn leads to pain and discomfort, drooling and halitosis. Worse still, the bacteria that cause the disease...

Many dogs and cats are over-weight and this can lead to all sorts of problems later in life, including arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.

However, even for the most committed of owners, it can be very difficult to get the weight off. These regular clinics provide he...

As your pet gets older they are at an increased risk of developing diseases.

Commonly, older patients suffer from dental problems, stiff and aching joints, obesity, as well as more serious problems such as liver, kidney or thyroid gland diseases.

Any changes in your pet’...

Stiff in the morning?

Problems climbing stairs?

No energy anymore?

Many older animals develop arthritis and it can be very debilitating. However there is a lot that owners can do to help and relieve their pet of some, if not all of the pain associated with arthritis. Ar...

With any diabetic it is of the utmost importance that a constant treatment routine is adhered to closely, to ensure that the disease is kept under control.

It can be difficult to get this right and we sometimes find that the routine may need to be altered over time. For...

We believe that after any procedure our duty of care does not finish when the animal leaves the practice. We therefore ask to see the patient at least once more afterwards to ensure they are making the best possible recovery. This lets us ensure that your pet is recove...

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