Check out our range of farm services

Portland House has an experienced team of vets able to cope with all your farm emergencies, whatever the time, day or night. As well as emergency care, we also provide other services designed to maximise the health and welfare of your stock and so, maximise your productivity and profitability. 

To discuss the range of services available please call 01777 714060.

Herd / Flock Health Planning

Herd Health/Flock Health Planning is a great way to look in-depth at your livestock management and help maximise productivity. A herd health visit generally consists of a farm visit and detailed discussion about stock management, diseases, medicines etc. allowing us to produce a report specifically for your farm or enterprise. We recommend reviewing your herd/flock plan each year to ensure management practices are kept up to date with current thinking and to allow us to concentrate on problem areas.

Dairy Routine & Fertility Visits

We use the latest ultrasound scanning technology to allow us to diagnose pregnancy or fertility problems in your herd. This can help to manage your cattle appropriately and pick up problems as they arise so as to maximise farm productivity. Pregnancy diagnosis can be performed from 4 weeks of pregnancy.

Bull Fertility

Sub-optimal reproductive performance in bulls is a bigger problem than you might imagine. We can test the fertility of your bulls and check he is capable of doing the job you want him to. We recommend testing your bulls at least once annually and in plenty of time before you need them. Fertility problems in bulls are seldom fixed overnight!

Other routine procedures include: Surgical castration Ram vasectomy/ bull vasectomy Dehorning/ disbudding Bull ringing Routine disease surveillance/CHeCS Accreditation.

Disease Surveillance

Disease surveillance and disease freedom is becoming more and more desirable for buying and selling stock and to increase productivity and profitability. Multiple diseases can be tested for off a single blood sample and many accreditation schemes are now in place to standardise disease accreditation across the UK.

Johne’s Action Plan

We have vets in the practice who are able to advise you on Johne’s disease and controlling it in your herd/ flock.

Private Pre- and Post- Movement (TB) Testing

While you may be aware that we no longer undertake routine TB testing, we continue to provide services for private TB testing for pre- and post- movement testing and for the export of cattle.